FF Skagen A/S, som driver fiskemelfabrikk i Skagen i Danmark, har tatt over selskapet Skagerak Pelagic fra Skagerak Group A/S.

( 18.01.2018 )

Skagerak Pelagic A / S is Denmark’s largest producer of herring for human consumption. The acquisition will ensure full utilization of the fish by almost 60 years old, because all cut-offs can be used in its own factory for the production of fishmeal and fish oil.

Skagerak Pelagic was established in 2006 by a merger of Skagerak Fiskeeksport A / S, Unifish A / S, Essi Konsumfisk A / S and Erik Taabbel Fiskeeksport A / S. Skagerak Group acquired Skagerak Pelagic in 2011, and then collected all production of pelagic fish for consumption in Skagerak. Annual production is now approximately 30,000 tonnes of finished herring products.

At the beginning of last year, FF Skagen A / S acquired HF Transport and Fiskehandel A / S, while the Swedish transport company Frölunda Transport AB was bought. The transport business has since been sold to Rygaard Fisketransport A / S, where FF Skagen A / S owns four per cent. In this way, the company has control over 150 trailers, which account for 80 percent of the land transport capacity for pelagic fish. The company has also recently taken control of the fishmeal factory in Hanstholm.

The acquisitions in recent times are probably partly a response to Norway’s Pelagia ASA plans to establish itself stronger in Denmark. For fishermen who want to sell their catch in Denmark, acquisitions are good news in terms of price, as fewer buyers are getting for both pelagic fish and industrial fish.