Tersan Shipyard who has a 300.000 square meters advanced production facility located in Yalova, Turkey with the consumption of 2 million KWh electric per month, entered into a contract with Selenka Energy for the usage of % 100 renewable energy generated from IREC certificated (International Renewable Energy Certificate) wind farms.

I-REC certificated wind farms guarantees that the energy supplied to the final consumer is provided from renewable sources and are recognized by the main global sustainability indices as a tool that helps to meet national and international renewable energy goals. Usage of % 100 renewable green energy in the shipyard has started from September 2020, where 5 vessels delivery will take place within this year.

“Switching to renewable energy sources is vital for the global transition to a low or zero carbon economy” stated Mr. Sakir Erdogan, the Business Development and Marketing Manager of Tersan. “We are already building environmental friendly & green ships which would not only comply with the new environmental rules and regulations but would also leave least possible carbon foot-prints. With our new contract, we can say that Tersan took bold climate action and align its energy procurement strategies with the sustainability goals set forth by initiatives. We are also very pleased to take attention to the self-imposed responsibility about the nature as Tersan Shipyard. Thanks to the cooperation with Selenka Energy, the green ships are being built in Tersan Shipyard with clean and renewable energy generated from I-REC certificated wind farms.”
Tersan Shipyard currently has an order book consisting of 20 active projects in different stages varying from engineering to the delivery. The shipyard’s planned delivery schedule for these projects are efficiently secured until the end of 2022.

About Tersan Shipyard:

Tersan is one of Turkey’s largest new building shipyard employing almost 5.000 people in two shipyards, in Istanbul and in Yalova and with a track record of building more than 80 ships. The yard is specialized in building technologically advanced offshore, fishing and other types of vessels for their international customers, mostly from Northern Europe. Tersan is a diversified shipbuilder whom has gained considerable experience in building of LNG and battery operated vessels besides number of value-added niche new-built ships of many types and sizes. Tersan has been awarded as the export leader of Turkey in its new shipbuilding sector six consecutive years.