Eighty companies are now confirmed to exhibit at the upcoming Skipper Expo Int. in Aberdeen and organizers Mara Media expect this number to rise over the coming weeks.

( 02.05.2012 )


Now in it’s 2nd year, the show is the brainchild of Hugh Bonner (MD) and Sharon Boyle (Sales Manager), who were approached by the fishing industry to run a show based near the fishing ports in Scotland. Last year’s show proved a huge success with the level of visitors and business conducted at the event surpassing everyone’s expectations.

Among the latest companies to book their space are Morgere Trawldoors, Jackson Trawls, Seafish, Scottish Seafood Association, Seafield Navigation, The Fishermen’s Mission, Bopp, Nordsotrawl Thyboron & Corston Sinclair.


Mark Jackson of Jackson Trawls who are new to the show this year commented, “When we visited last year, we were very impressed in the overall running of the show, especially the high number of skippers conducting business. The event organisers have done a good job and we are delighted to be part of the show this year.”


Mara Media would like to thank the Serene fishing company and the Adenia fishing company for their generous sponsorship toward the running of Skipper Expo Int. 2012. Bobby Polson from the Serene fishing company said, “We attended the Expo in Aberdeen last year which had a whole array of exhibitors and visitors from all over the UK, Ireland and Europe in attendance. For its first year, this was an impressive event and we wish to assist Mara Media in every way to ensure the future of the show. Its very important that our industry has a show that works.”



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