The new daughter company of the leading manufacturer of advanced catch control systems for the fishing industry worldwide is fully operational as from October 1st, 2015.

Scanmar Ltd. will continue to look after the old and new customers of Scanmar in the UK and Ireland, and represents a further reinforcement of the strong presence and future growth prospects in the area.

The market has since the early 90’s been successfully attended to by Seatronics Ltd, with its strong fishery division located in Peterhead. The move to open an own company is a natural consequence of a strategic decision by Scanmar to integrate even more closely with the customers and vessels and continue to develop and test new products in cooperation with the users.

Scanmar would like to thank Seatronics Ltd for a long and fruitful relationship over the last 25 years and wish them all the best in the future. Scanmar’s Peterhead office will be led by George Youngson, who has been in charge of the market for Scanmar since 1996, and who will continue to provide the highest level of quality equipment and service to all customers of Scanmar.