Norwegian aquaculture venture establishes new sea location in Meløy municipality in Nordland county in another important milestone on its journey towards year-round industrial-scale farming of fresh cod.

Securing the site furthers the company’s strategy to farm cod from the Trøndelag region in Mid-Norway and northwards along the coast.

“Establishing the site in Meløy is a big step towards our 2025 production targets,” said Norcod COO Rune Eriksen. The company now has permits to farm over 10,000 MTB of cod per year.

“Meløy is a great location for us not only because of the ideal cold-water habitat for cod, but also because it is very close to our growth facility in Bodø,” said Norcod COO Rune Eriksen. This has the added benefit of less distance to transport juveniles when they are transferred to the sea phase.

“We are delighted with the positive attitude and the welcome we received from Meløy municipality. They put a lot of effort into helping us make this happen,” Eriksen added.

Sigurd Stormo, the mayor of Meløy, said: “We are very pleased that Norcod is establishing cod farming in Meløy. The initiative will provide new and important jobs in our municipality, and is also very positive for our local supplier companies. We have had very good dialogue with Norcod over the past year and look forward to continued good cooperation to create new development and employment opportunities.”

Norcod has already recruited its first local intern for the Meløy site and is in the process of hiring a further six people.

Eriksen says Norcod has also had a very good process with the authorities, including the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries, the county administration and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, in securing the site and gaining the necessary approvals.

Sales from its first harvest will begin this summer and it is already underway with its second full production cycle for harvest volumes in 2022.