Tersan Shipyard Inc. (Tersan) has successfully delivered the Freezer Stern Trawler, NB1091 named Calvert to Ocean Choice International Canada.

Skipsteknisk designed vessel is purpose built for the bottom and mid-water trawling with single and twin gear. She is equipped with an advanced factory on-board for processing the catch and also freezing and storing. She is able to operate efficiently in icy and arctic waters. The vessel also has state-of-the-art accommodation areas for 39 people on board.

The 74 meters long and 16 meters wide vessel was launched back in July 2019 with a ceremony attended by the Minister of Industry and Technology; Mustafa Varank. Due to the travel restrictions in order to prevent further spread of Covid-19 pandemic, the crew of Calvert had to come to Turkey with special permission on a private chartered airplane. Both parties endeavored very hard to get necessary special permits with the supports and high efforts of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health of Turkey and Canadian authorities, especially involvement of the Canadian the consulate.

After the crew landed in Turkey, they have been directly transferred to the vessel under strict Covid-19 precautions with no direct contact of any person. The vessel was also evacuated before arrival of the Canadian crew to achieve minimum contact with them. Calvert has been the first vessel exported with such kind of a legal process during Covid-19 period. The vessel has left Tersan Shipyard on 20th May to embark on her journey home to Newfoundland.

“We are so pleased and proud to successfully deliver this precious vessel to Ocean Choice International despite the Covid-19 challenging times” stated Mr. Mehmet Gazioglu, Managing Director of Tersan. “Calvert has a special place for us due to her contributions to economic cooperation between Turkey and Canada. We believe this cooperation will continue increasingly thanks to high reputation of adding Ocean Choice International to our references .We are very proud to work with Ocean Choice International who is among the biggest fishing companies of North America and very proud being the builder of such a precious vessel. We would like to thank all Tersan team who is dedicated to this project and makes this success achievable
for us.